Foundry Silica Sand

With a capacity of over 40,000 metric tonnes per annum, Adarsh Mines is one of the largest silica sand producers in North-West India. Foundry industry is our primary market and key focus area. We are the principal silica sand suppliers to the major foundries of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Western UP.

We produce silica sand ranging from 30 AFS to 85 AFS. Kolayat-origin silica sand has semi rounded to sub-angular, smooth textured grains with SiO2 > 98%, acid demand value < 5 (cc of 0.1N HCL for 100 gm of sand) and gives excellent mould strength along-with scratch hardness.

All these features make this sand eminently suited to various moulding processes and different resins. Our fully mechanized sand processing plant is spread over 10 acres with inbuilt blending and segregating processes along with four stage washing. This gives consistent size cut-offs, clay content as low as 0.1% and excellent control over fines. Three sieve distribution is above 80%.

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